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Act! CRM Plugin Developer Program

Act! CRM is a relationship management and marketing automation solution that is built for small businesses to establish, build and nurture client relationships. And, if you love developing plugins then explore the Act! Web API. Sign up to get all the information you need to start building custom solutions for Act! CRM. You'll get access to example plugins, API documentation, developer support and more.

What's a CRM plugin?

A CRM plugin extends the capabilities of what users can do with a CRM. You can create workflows and interactions that enhance the user experience and drive greater customer value. Since your plugin will have user-granted access to customer information, syncing data to other applications can add tremendous capabilities to a CRM.

Why develop plugins for the Act! CRM user community?

Act! CRM makes it easy to build lasting customer relationships and provides the freedom to tailor your plugins to industry needs.

You have the freedom to tailor your plug-in experience to fit the needs of your customers.

This program will provide resources to help design and market your solutions. After approval, you'll receive:

  • Complementary licenses.
  • Access to API documentation and developer support.
  • Development updates on upcoming changes.

How to become an Act! CRM plugin developer

Click the button below to learn about becoming an Act! CRM plugin developer.

Become an Act! CRM plugin developer

Become an Act! CRM plugin developer

Express interest in the Act! CRM Plugin Developer Program by emailing We'll follow up to start a conversation with more information.

Developer resources

As an Act! CRM plugin developer, you'll be given access to everything you'll need to get started:

  • API documentation
  • Web component libraries
  • Plugin code examples
  • Articles and video tutorials
  • Active developer support


Meet our technology partners building plugins for Act! CRM

TendenZ has certified Act! CRM and marketing consultants, and software developers who can assist you in making your CRM a success. For more than 25 years they have been the permanent point of contact for many thousands of Act! CRM users in the Benelux. Their certified Act! consultants have the expertise, experience and passion to set up your CRM effectively and have it run smoothly.

Keystroke specializes in CRM software for small to medium sized businesses, through expert counsel, deployment, hosting, support, and development services.

The Link2quotes plugin for Act! CRM is an intuitive online quoting system that works straight from Opportunities. Simply create an Opportunity in Act! CRM and then use Link2quotes to convert it to a professional-looking quotation any business would be proud to send.

The integrated quoting console also provides formatting and admin functions to tailor-fit the quote to your unique needs. Link2quotes also attaches a PDF version with the email, and records it to the Opportunity History.

Link2quotes is more than a quote renderer, though, as it logs in Act! CRM each time a prospect views the online quote, providing you critical feedback to plan sales follow-ups. When the quote is accepted online, you’re notified by email and the Opportunity is converted to a “Closed-Won” status in Act! CRM.

Link2quotes is the shortest distance between quoting & closing.

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Act! Today specializes in Act! CRM, a proven CRM with powerful Marketing Automation that offers an affordable sales and marketing solution for small and midsized business.
Our team in Australia and New Zealand support you through the entire process so you get a tailored CRM solution that is perfect for your business.

Send texts to your contacts now with SMS4Act!

Conversational text messaging from the Act! CRM contact record allows users to reach contacts immediately & reliably (almost 100% open rate), with automatic history in Act! CRM of messages sent & received. This free plugin includes a free trial and then requires an account with leading global SMS provider, MessageMedia.

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Become an Act! CRM plugin developer

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